A Practical Guide To Homeschooling Your Kindergartner

Generally, us homeschooling mamas over complicate things. With our child's whole education on our shoulders, we want to make sure we are giving our kiddos the absolute best. With a vast array of curriculum and homeschool programs to choose from, homeschooling can seem all but simple...not to mention costly! I have comprised an easy plan... Continue Reading →


How to use McGuffey Readers Part 2

  In part one, I explained how the McGuffey readers can be used to teach reading. In this part I will give an example of how to implement a lesson. A lesson can last how ever long it takes for a child to master. When You get to words that are not just CVC words,... Continue Reading →

How to Teach your Child to Read

Getting started in reading can be a tad overwhelming. Reading is so important in a child's academic career. I put a lot of emphasis on reading in my homeschool planning because it truly is the foundation in learning anything. The quicker a child can read, the easier your homeschool day will be. A child will... Continue Reading →

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