Poor Man’s Whole Wheat Waffles

I find the Great Depression Era quite fascinating. Learning about how people lived in such hard economic times inspires me. It makes me realize how blessed we all are to live in this present time. I often think about what it would be like to have to feed my family from almost nothing. This recipe... Continue Reading →

Taco Salad-The Perfect Gathering Meal

My family has Taco Salad every Sunday as we gather with others after church. It is hands down the perfect meal to feed a crowd. It caters to every diet you can think of and is oh so delicious. Everyone brings a few things in separate containers and when it is time to eat, everyone... Continue Reading →

Meal Planning Made Easy

I honestly don't like meal planning. It saves me a ton of money. It is what prevents me from going crazy around dinner so I do it but I don't like it. It kind of stresses me out, looking through the ads, flipping through my cookbooks, finding the time to actually sit down to think... Continue Reading →

Signature Grain-Free Chocolate Chunk Muffins

I call these my Signature muffins because this was one of my original recipes I came up with when I transitioned into a whole foods lifestyle. Paleo approved and deliciously hearty, I always kept this recipe a secret until now! It has an amazing texture especially for being gluten/grain free and will keep you full... Continue Reading →

Why I Am No Longer a Vegetarian.

By the title of this article you may think I'm going to tell you how wrong and awful  vegetarianism is. That is not what this article is about. I quite enjoyed my vegetarian diet when I was on it. And I am a firm believer that the Lord made us all unique. What works for... Continue Reading →

Soaked Whole Wheat Rolls- Easy To Digest!

Making your own bread is probably the most frugal and healthiest thing you can do. Even the healthier breads from the store either have added extra gluten and/or will cost you over $5 a loaf! Making your own bread may sound very intimidating but it really is super easy. It just takes patience but not... Continue Reading →

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