How to Afford Supplements on a Tight Budget

One of my biggest spending weakness, besides books, are supplements.  I am a tired mamma- so anything that promises more energy sounds alluring. Being a health nut at heart and a wanna-be herbalist, I do have to say that I love learning about supplementation. In many ways, I have seen supplements improve my life and... Continue Reading →

How Dave Ramsey Changed My Diet

"Your going to be on beans and rice, rice and beans for the next 2 years."  Blast you Dave for your financial wisdom and practical advice! How dare you even suggest such a humble diet to a nerdy food snob such as myself. Yeah there are kids in Africa that would love that meal but... Continue Reading →

Hearty Whole Wheat Quick Bread

I was completely out of breakfast food the other day and this recipe saved my morning. There are plenty of times where I just don't feel like setting dough out the night before to make yeast bread. This bread is perfect if you need to whip something up fast.  Adapted from Ingredients: 2 cups... Continue Reading →

Pesto Chicken Pasta

I have a super easy pasta recipe for you today! I try to keep pasta to once a week but honestly, it is so tempting to make it every night. Pasta is so stinking cheap and filling! Even though I try to keep most dinners lower carb for my hubby, I feel like one high... Continue Reading →

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