Emergency Fund: Your New Insurance

As we go forward with our financial journey with Dave Ramsey's Baby Steps, I have realized a trend. Baby Step 2, getting out of debt, is widely discussed but the other steps are severely lacking in content. There is little on the web about the other steps compared to numero dos. However, in order to... Continue Reading →

Super Cute Yet Practical Gift Wrapping Idea

Wrapping paper is such a waste of money. I'm just being honest. I hate buying the stuff. First you have to pick the wrapping paper out (don't forget the tape!), then you have to take precious time to wrap the gift (a skill I have never mastered), just to have it torn to shreds in... Continue Reading →

Changes to Nerdy Mommy

Hi everyone! I am so sorry I have been missing for awhile. This year has been full of surprises for sure! I just wanted to post a quick update. As you can see by the new header, Nerdy Mommy (nerdymommyof4.com) is now Life's Hand-Me-Downs (lifeshandmedowns.com). I wanted to redirect and refocus on what this blog... Continue Reading →

Free Meal Planning Printables!

I have been diligently learning how to make printables. Worksheets for my kids, cute lists, schedules and more. So here are a few meal planning and inventory printables that I have created. I don't know about you but I need something cute to jot my meals on. One of the best ways to stick to your... Continue Reading →

Meal Planning Made Easy

I honestly don't like meal planning. It saves me a ton of money. It is what prevents me from going crazy around dinner so I do it but I don't like it. It kind of stresses me out, looking through the ads, flipping through my cookbooks, finding the time to actually sit down to think... Continue Reading →

Clean your House without Getting Overwhelmed

I HATE deep cleaning. Hate it with passion. I love my house looking neat. I don't mind tidying up and organizing but there is something about having to pull the stove out that screams torture. Deep cleaning is just not satisfying at all! I can spend all day scrubbing the bathtubs and dusting baseboards but... Continue Reading →

How To Turn Bland Meals Into Gourmet Meals

Cooking is hard work. Learning to cook when it's just not your natural drive is even harder. There is much to be said for a simple home cooked meal. However, cooking is a skill that many don't posses. Learning techniques and flavor combinations can be very overwhelming for someone with limited natural talent...or desire. Disclaimer:... Continue Reading →

Healthy Groceries When You’re BROKE!

Just because you are broke does not mean you have to sacrifice nutrition.  I know it can be tempting. The price on that pack of ramen noodles looks like a smart purchase but believe me, you will be giving up way more than variety. Your body needs good nutrition to keep your energy up to... Continue Reading →

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