Tips to Make Christmas Stress Free, Frugal, and Fun!

Liz why are you writing an article about Christmas in the middle of August? Well my friends, the biggest tip to making Christmas as stress free and enjoyable as possible is to plan ahead. So here is your warning... Christmas is coming in 4 months! Are you saving? Have you been putting money aside every... Continue Reading →

How to Afford Supplements on a Tight Budget

One of my biggest spending weakness, besides books, are supplements.  I am a tired mamma- so anything that promises more energy sounds alluring. Being a health nut at heart and a wanna-be herbalist, I do have to say that I love learning about supplementation. In many ways, I have seen supplements improve my life and... Continue Reading →

How Dave Ramsey Changed My Diet

"Your going to be on beans and rice, rice and beans for the next 2 years."  Blast you Dave for your financial wisdom and practical advice! How dare you even suggest such a humble diet to a nerdy food snob such as myself. Yeah there are kids in Africa that would love that meal but... Continue Reading →

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