How Dave Ramsey Changed My Diet

"Your going to be on beans and rice, rice and beans for the next 2 years."  Blast you Dave for your financial wisdom and practical advice! How dare you even suggest such a humble diet to a nerdy food snob such as myself. Yeah there are kids in Africa that would love that meal but... Continue Reading →

How to Pick Homeschool Curriculum on a Budget

Like anything else, homeschooling can get quite expensive if you are not careful. I am a sucker for new curriculum. I'm a sucker for books in general- especially a book that I believe will solve all my homeschooling woes. In the search for a perfect curriculum, money can vanish in an instant. And you can... Continue Reading →

Make a Budget that Actually Works

Budgeting, blah. What's the point right? It just never seems to work! Something usually comes up unexpected. Or you totally forget something huge and then before the first week of the month is up, it's blown! It's OK. We have all been there. Budgeting takes practice. Lots and lots of practice. But if you are serious... Continue Reading →

Budgeting for Beginners

Budgeting can be so daunting! It's the dreaded B word. At my house, it once was as offensive as a cuss word! Please don't fear. It is actually a really good thing. There is freedom in a properly written budget. You may be confused on some lingo when it comes to budget making. Questions you... Continue Reading →

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