A Minimalist’s Curriculum Picks for 5th Grade (2021-2022)

Instead of listing out all of the homeschool picks for all four of my kiddos, I thought it might be a tad easier to post individually. If you are not familiar with my homeschool style, I like to keep things rather simple on myself and focus on the 3R's (reading, writing, arithmetic). All other subjects... Continue Reading →

The Most Practical Handwriting Curriculum Ever

Over a year ago, I developed three very simple printables that completely changed our homeschool. I have tried so many popular handwriting products only to be disappointed; experiencing the same issue with them all-not enough room for repetition. My kids simply needed more practice per each symbol. And yes, of course I tried just using... Continue Reading →

Emergency Fund: Your New Insurance

As we go forward with our financial journey with Dave Ramsey's Baby Steps, I have realized a trend. Baby Step 2, getting out of debt, is widely discussed but the other steps are severely lacking in content. There is little on the web about the other steps compared to numero dos. However, in order to... Continue Reading →

How Much I Make with Instacart

I have been working for Instacart now for about 7 months. It is one of my favorite side hustles. However, as a stay at home mama, I don't have a big window of opportunity to work a whole lot. My hubby doesn't get home until 5:30-6:15ish every night so that doesn't leave me much time... Continue Reading →

We Are Debt Free!!!

My hubby and I have always been cost conscious. We bought our home way under the amount we were approved for. We purchased most of our cars with cash. And when we did finance our van, we bought it for $16,000 with $4,000 down payment and a 2% interest rate, knowing we were going to... Continue Reading →

Budget Clip Cards… FREE!

I love the envelope system...I hate envelopes. Have you ever stood in front of a cashier trying to shuffle cash from various categories? It is a pain. And don't get me started on trying to store those big bulky things in your wallet. Have you looked at the price of envelope system wallets? Crazy! With... Continue Reading →

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