The Most Practical Handwriting Curriculum Ever

Over a year ago, I developed three very simple printables that completely changed our homeschool.

I have tried so many popular handwriting products only to be disappointed; experiencing the same issue with them all-not enough room for repetition. My kids simply needed more practice per each symbol. And yes, of course I tried just using a notebook. It was just okay but we needed something with a little more design and excitement. You know what I mean?

So I really studied my kids. What is it that is truly needed? Here was my discovery:

  1. They need a space to practice individual letter formation as well as whole words over and over again until mastered.
  2. They need something that is self-paced.
  3. Need versatility yet guidance.
  4. They need space to be creative and really enjoy their work.

I experimented with the printables for a year. During this time, I implemented the pages in pretty much all the language arts subjects (spelling, writing, reading, handwriting) and also gave copies to friends. The results were astounding!

I printed a whole bunch and comb bound them. Some days we would do just one page, some two. Each page similar, yet different enough for variety. And all pages allow exercise of correct symbol formation and placement…with mother’s help of course.

This is where I enter my disclaimer: Don’t expect a detailed explanation on how to teach handwriting. If you know how to form a letter, you can show and explain to someone how to do it too. If your child has a hard time with auditory and/or visual processing, place your hand over your child’s and lightly guide until he/she gets it.

We use the square page one day to really focus on those letters and numbers. We use the full lines another day to practice spelling words or copywork. We use the space and line page for creative writing, doodles and so on. (My kids enjoy the Draw Write Now books.)

Each page is a blank template for so many things.

I honestly don’t know why this works for us. My kids love the pages and I find myself easily staying consistent. Mamas, just a little piece of advise, if you find something that works, don’t question it…just go with it. Save yourselves the headache of always chasing after the new flashy homeschooling trend.

So after printing and binding and printing and binding some more, I decided to make it available as a really cute journal! Check it out on Amazon.

Here are the original free printables.


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