Clean your House without Getting Overwhelmed

I HATE deep cleaning. Hate it with passion. I love my house looking neat. I don’t mind tidying up and organizing but there is something about having to pull the stove out that screams torture. Deep cleaning is just not satisfying at all! I can spend all day scrubbing the bathtubs and dusting baseboards but it doesn’t matter because the house still looks a mess. I would defiantly define myself as a surface cleaner. My house looks nice because for me, it’s easy to pick toys up, throw dishes in the washer and vacuum. But please, don’t ask me when the last time I scrubbed the kitchen floor.agenda-book-business-273025

So when I came across the idea of a cleaning schedule, I had to give myself a pep talk and give it a try. There are loads of examples online. Most of which I have looked at and said, “NO WAY.” I’m just not that detailed of a person.  Like most things, I couldn’t just follow what someone else created. Too much structure stresses me out! What I like are guidelines. So here is my cleaning guideline. I like how I can focus on just 1 deep cleaning task a day and not have a whole day of deep cleaning. By doing a little something everyday, you avoid having to spend a whole day playing catch up.

Every Morning

  • Empty dishwasher
  • Put clothes in wash
  • *Daily cleaning duty

Before Hubby Gets Home

  • Have laundry folded and put away
  • Have kitchen floors swept and carpet vacuumed
  • Spray down bathrooms with vinegar and water and wipe up (very basic, I just wipe off the sink and tidy it up a bit)
  • Toys picked up and house decluttered

Before Bed

  • All dirty dishes cleaned or in dishwasher (run dishwasher).
  • Everything is in its place

*Daily Cleaning Duties

  1. Mondays: *Monthly cleaning duty 
  2. Tuesdays: Dust all furniture and baseboards and wall markings (have kids help)
  3. Wednesdays: Wash sheets, pillows and comforters
  4. Thursdays: Vacuum couches and all rooms
  5. Fridays:  Clean out refrigerator (get ready for grocery shopping) and clean bathrooms

*Monthly Cleaning Duty 

  1. Scrub kitchen floors, wipe out kitchen cabinets, declutter and organize
  2. Shampoo carpets and couches, vacuum under furniture
  3. Wash all windows outside and inside
  4. Declutter and organize closets


Of course, with any guideline, there is much room for revision. If something needs to be done that day, it’s a no brainer not to wait the designated cleaning day to do it. This guide helps me a lot. It looks like a lot when it’s written down but it honestly doesn’t take up much time at all. Kids can also play a role in housekeeping.

Since I am not a detailed orientated person, it is nice to have something to go by. Notice I do not have Saturday and Sunday on the schedule. Besides dishes and tidying up, I don’t clean on the weekends. Whahoo! Even mommies need a weekend off from some of our duties.



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