This Week’s $85 Grocery Haul and Meal Plan

art-chair-container-34545The last 2 weeks this month I only have $100 due to a Zaycon meat order that won’t be here until June. I need to get used to $100 because next month’s budget will only be $400 since I borrowed May’s $100 bulk budget for this order. It was $120 total but it was 93/7 ground beef for only $2.99 per lb!! I don’t like to do this but it was a steal of a deal. Who can blame me right? That meat is going to look really nice in my freezer.

Anyways, I had alot of fun hunting for bargains this week. I have a United Grocery Outlet close to my house. If you don’t know what a UGO is, basically it’s an outlet store for food. Local grocery stores sell there food that will expire in a couple months or so to UGO for super cheap. I was super happy to find a couple of brands that I know are from Whole Foods and EarthFare. I was able to get some really clean chicken nuggets for the kids and a couple of awesome frozen pizzas for a quick meal.

We usually eat food from scratch for health and cost but occasionally I enjoy a frozen pizza now and then if the ingredients are really clean and the price is right. Organic prepackaged foods are usually too much for my frugal pockets but when I find a great deal, I cash it out in victory! Who doesn’t want a dinner shortcut once in awhile? Me! Please!

I was able to purchase 2.25 lbs frozen blueberries, 2 lbs chicken nuggets, 2 organic frozen pizzas,  2.25 lbs Aidells nitrate free meatballs and 2 lbs of frozen peas at UGO for only $21.74! Everything else was at Aldi and a few things at Walmart.

Here are all my groceries…

20180421_161325.jpg20180422_111200.jpgHere are my numbers…20180422_172229
My awesome Hubby had to go back to Walmart for me because I forgot the green chilies. Hence 2 Walmart purchases. I lost the other 2 reciepts but I promise, this is all I spent. Last week I bought a pork loin and a bunch of chicken 20180422_171847thighs from Costco so that’s why you don’t see much meat and why I can make these numbers work. (Always shop in your freezer and pantry first!) You all, I am super excited that I was under budget this week! Under $85 is a new record. That means next week we will have a little extra for meat other than pork or chicken. Maybe salmon? A roast? We shall see!

Here is a quick look at my meal plan this week.

  • Breakfast: *Scrambled eggs with bananas, *Peanut butter and toast, *Oatmeal and blueberries, *Einkorn blueberry breakfast cake with eggs
  • Lunches: * Cobb salad for the Hubs, *Cheese and crackers with raw veggies,  *Beans and avocados with sour cream, * Chicken nuggets with peas and roasted potatoes, *Salad with cucumbers, romaine lettuce and hard boiled eggs, * Dinner leftovers
  • Dinner: * Pan seared pesto chicken thighs with tomato avocado feta salad and roasted sweet potatoes, * Pizza with raw veggies, * Meatballs with marinara and zucchini noodles topped with Parmesan cheese, * Chicken tortilla soup, * Taco salad, * Herb grilled pork loin and mashed potatoes with mushroom gravy and peas, * Omelettes and leftovers
  • Snacks: *Bananas, * Cantaloupe, * Apples and peanut butter, * Popcorn, * Hard-boiled eggs

I hope this inspires you all to hunt for your own bargains. Man, it feels good to get great deals! Happy hunting!




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