Can $100 A Week Really Be Enough To Feed A Family Healthy Food?

booth-branding-business-264636.jpgWhen I make my meal plans, I always bank on them to be no more than $100. But my budget is $500 a month which leaves me $100 a month of what I call my grocery investment allotment. 

I use this $100 for bulk items like coconut oil, steal of a deal on meat, or cooking spices. It’s the foundation of what keeps my $100 weekly budget well…only $100.  So if you want to be technical, each week averages $125 each week.

However, this week I only truly spent $100. I used my $100 investment money toward an awesome deal on ground beef from Zaycon Fresh that I could not pass. Unfortunately, my meat order won’t be here until June!


My 2 favorite grocery stores are Aldi and Costco. If you don’t have either of these stores near you, I am so so so sorry. That is a minor tragedy because they both have killer deals on groceries. I was told that Aldi doesn’t even make a on profit on their eggs or produce and that is how they are able to keep their prices so low. The company banks on the other products they sell to bring in revenue.

Costco’s meat quality is excellent! I was told by several sources that Costco is very picky about their meat vendors and their non-organic is comparable to organic quality. So I don’t hesitate to purchase their non-organic selections.


This week I didn’t have any meat in my freezer to work with so I had to be careful with my choices. Meat is the biggest expense on a very tight budget.  So, instead of ground beef, I had to settle for ground turkey. Chicken thighs and pork loin are also very inexpensive choices when you are needing to be very frugal.

So without further ado, here it is…

  1. Sunday- Breakfast: Omelettes with cantaloupe, Lunch: No lunch (we usually make a huge breakfast and just snack on it, Dinner: Taco salad
  2. Monday- Breakfast: Paleo banana bread with lots of butter, Lunch: Left over taco apple-close-up-cucumber-616833.jpgsalad, Dinner: Grilled pork loin with peas and herbed roasted sweet potatoes
  3. Tuesday- Breakfast: Plain full fat Greek yogurt with chia seeds and honey for the kids, I had leftover banana bread with butter, hubby made himself a green smoothie Lunch: Potato soup with our homeschool co-op and gluten free crackers, green smoothie Dinner: Asian chicken lettuce wraps with a side of rice
  4. Wednesday- Breakfast: Steel cut oats with plain full fat Greek yogurt Lunch: Peanut butter sandwiches and cantaloupe for the kids, mommy& daddy- Cobb salad Dinner: White chicken chili topped with avocados eggs-food-8439
  5. Thursday- Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with apples Lunch: Cheese and crackers with raw carrots and bell peppers, mommy and daddy- Cobb salad Dinner: Veggie and ground turkey marinara over rice (over greens for daddy)
  6. Friday- Breakfast: Einkorn pancakes with peanut butter Lunch: Refried rice with sauted onion, zucchini and bell peppers topped with fried eggs, Dinner: One pan baked chicken fajitas with avocados and beans
  7. Saturday- Breakfast: Oatmeal and bananas Lunch: Leftover fajitas and beans Dinner: Spinach and feta frittata with roasted garlic potatoes agriculture-carrots-close-up-143133

Snacks: Apples with peanut butter, cantaloupe, hard boiled eggs, carrot sticks

I spent $38 at Costco which allowed me to get Greek yogurt, organic corn chips, chicken thighs and a big pork loin. Everything else was from Aldi which came to be $58 rounded up.  My grand total…$96!! The pork loin and the chicken thighs will be enough to freeze for quite a few meals for next week. Score! I hope this gives you all  the answer on how $100 is in fact, totally doable.  Happy meal planning!


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