Realistic Minimalism

Stuff stresses me out! I don’t know about you but just the thought of owning so much adventure-black-and-white-boat-910213stuff drives me crazy. I remember telling my mom when I was a kid that my life goal was to live out of a backpack. Well, a husband and 4 kids later, that is quite impossible.


When I heard of the minimalism movement, I thought, “Wow! there are people like me that want things simple! I’m not weird after all!” I loved reading about the people that live in tiny homes or who only own 100 items. Unfortunately, their projected lifestyle only applied to the single, not a family lady like me.

So what is minimalism? It’s simplifying your life by getting rid of the stuff that has no personal value so you can focus on what matters. Minimalism isn’t gaining pride by proving how little you can live with. It’s weeding out the unnecessary, to bring value to the important.blur-close-up-color-850216

So, what does this look like to a stay at home, homeschool mom? SIMPLIFY!!!! You feel like you can’t keep up the house? Are your lesson plans too complicated? Do your kids have a million toys but are bored out of their minds? Are their not enough hours in the day? Trust me mamma, we have all been there.

To simplify your life doesn’t have to be so dramatic like owning only 100 things (with kids, not having the items you need can be stressful within itself). Just get rid of the junk. Keep what you need and pitch the rest.

Don’t worry about following someone elses format. Minimalism is not a religion, it’s a tool. Be purposeful in your time and purchases. Make a list of priorities, then scratch out the rest. You will gain some sanity and your family will gain a happier mommy and wife!





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    1. Owning alot of stuff has always overwhelmed me. I get in crazy purging modes where I drag everything out of closets and throw stuff out. I have heard of that book. I need to see if my library has it.


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