I’m New to Homeschooling! Where do I Start?!

adult-female-headache-41253When I first decided to homeschool my daughter, I was at a loss. The desire was there but the know how was not. I researched a plethora of curriculum. They all were awesome and yet disappointing at the same time. How would I be able to implement this in my crazy day? My daughter is in Kindergarten, but I have 3 younger than her. I finally broke down and bought a phonics curriculum that was recommended by a close friend. It was an good curriculum but it cost $110! It only lasted a couple of months as well because my daughter already knew over half of the context that it covered.

So a few months into the year, I was back at square one. I found a book at a used bookstore called Everything Your Kindergartener Needs To Know. It got me thinking….I wonder if I could just find free stuff that will help me teach her what’s on the” What you need to know” list.arm-desk-hand-58457

I found the key! The first thing a homeschool mom needs to do is have a goal! What do you want your child to learn this year? Where do you want him/her to be? This is how lesson planning begins. A good guide of course is google. Search academic goals for your child’s grade. This will give you a good idea where to start.  Once you find what the standards are, now you have to find the resources to implement those standards. And they may be easier and much cheaper than you think.

book-stack-books-bookshop-264635Just because something is cheap or free does not indicate its lack of value. As a matter of fact, I have reviewed a lot of curriculum, and most are basically the same bones or layout its just the added stuff that sets it apart. By using frugal materials, my daughter has stayed up to par with my friends’ kids that go to expensive private schools. So search Pinterest for those ideas, watch YouTube videos,  shop the dollar store for materials and go to the library!

Also, you will need to check your state laws. Each state has it’s own set of laws governing the homeschool system. In my state, Tennessee, a child doesn’t have to register until age 6, however, if you choose to start Kindergarten at age 5, then registration is required in order to keep record of that year. In Tennessee, you can choose an umbrella school (usually through a private school) or public.

Homeschool Co-ops are awesome! Find one in your area and get plugged in. There are lots of different kinds of co-ops. Some are more structured where there are different classes that are taught by a paid teacher. And some are a bunch of moms that volunteer to teach different subjects or organize field trips and activities. Whatever you choose, co-ops are a great way to make new friends for you and your kiddos. I personally love my co-op, it gives me a chance to get advise from other homeschool moms and the support I need to be a more effective educator.




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