How to Teach your Child to Read


Getting started in reading can be a tad overwhelming. Reading is so important in a child’s academic career. I put a lot of emphasis on reading in my homeschool planning because it truly is the foundation in learning anything. The quicker a child can read, the easier your homeschool day will be. A child will be able to do more independent studies and need less instruction.

abc-books-chalk-265076First thing is the alphabet. The name of the letters are not really important in reading but they do go hand in hand with learning the sounds. I usually teach the letter name and sounds together. Generally one week per a letter is enough but each child is different. Some may require more, others less.


Once the alphabet sounds are mastered, then its time to go into CVC words (consonant vowel consonant) such as cat, bed, sun etc. This may take awhile. A child learns how to blend their words together. Reading books with CVC words over and over again ensures great practice and

Then comes the consonant blends. These are words like frog, hand, jack, ship…

Then you have phonics rules…this can get tricky. I usually spend about a week or 2 on individual phonics rules. This is the most controversial topic. It really depends on what kind of learner your child is on to when to introduce this. Some kids do great learning the rules and then implement it to reading, and others have better luck memorizing words first, and then learning the rules later. It all depends on your child and what kind of learning style you feel comfortable with. I personally like a little of both. The phonics rules give you the why (which will be great for spelling later)and how (for sounding out or decoding new words), but repetition and memorization is best for fluency.

Next are syllables and letter combinations. Learning syllables helps a child to decode words that are longer and more complex. They can breakdown a word into parts so its easier to read. Letter combinations, endings and contractions can then be introduced as well. Endings like -tion, -sion, -ed, -ing…etc. And contractions like cannot=can’t, can be explained.

All of this can sound so overwhelming but it gets quite simple once you get into it. There are so many reading methods and programs out there guaranteeing your child to read. However, many are very expensive and time consuming.  Don’t fret. As you continue to browse this site, I will have plenty of resources for you to use to point you to the direction that is comfortable for you. Everyone has their own style of learning and teaching. Every family has their own culture. Feel free to embracing homeschooling as your own. Its okay to pick and choose.   Happy reading!





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